Same Clothes – Different Bodies: Pictures

There are two friends who are posting pictures on Instagram of different outfits on their amazingly gorgeous, but completely beautiful bodies.

We gave our best to figure out if any of the outfits looked better on one of them, but we couldn’t. They’re both uniquely different and everything looks good on both of them, but on a different scale. Take a look at the way they made the amazing outfit fittings and compare the way things fit them. I am absolutely certain that you will be amazed by how different things look on different people.

These amazing red dresses and on the right with the combination of the denim jacket look amazing on both ladies.

Just look at how that beige dress looks amazing on both of them, but in a very different way. Also, how about that black crop top? Truly perfect.

A simple look on the left with a simple white shirt and some light jeans. They even did a TikTok challenge by switching their clothes during one of the many famous songs that are circling through the platform. On the right, we have jeans again, but this time with a lovely navy top.

Red is definitely a color that suits these ladies perfectly. Just look at how that red dress on the left looks on both of them.

Also, on the right, that fresh green top and beige pants are a great combination for a cool summer look.

You’re wondering what the best summer look is? Check out the picture on the left. They’re rocking that outfit.

And the dress on the right? OMG, one of the most amazing dresses ever and it looks so good on them both.

The top on the left side looks so good on these ladies that it almost seems like it’s photoshopped. Some high-waist jeans and they’re good to go. Or… blue is the new black – just look at how those dresses look on them.