Don’t Wear These Pieces of Jewelry in 2020

Fashion constantly changes and sometimes it gets really hard to keep track of all the fashion styles that keep on coming and going. Some of those styles you might have missed going and then without realizing, you’re still wearing some of the things that are already dated.

So how would you know if a fashion style is out of fashion?

That’s why we’re here for. Here we will give you some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories that you still might think are acceptable to wear, but are actually not.

Let’s start the countdown:


Several years ago, chokers – one of the most popular accessories from the 90s – returned. There were all kinds of chokers made out of all kinds of materials that women wore on their necks. But the trend disappeared just as quickly as it appeared and now in 2020, chokers are back, but in a different way, with added expensive metals, gems, and made multi-layers variations.

Basic round earrings

In 2020, some of the world’s most famous designers suggest that you fight the shyness and become bolder by replacing small elegant earrings with massive ones with several hoops.


Designers pretty much got tired of feathers. Fashion houses suggest that we completely forget about feathers this year and instead replace them with shells and aquatic accessories for the summer.

A set of earrings

The new ‘several earrings’ has become ‘wear just one earring’ throughout the years, but it’s most visible in 2020. It’s the time to be bold.


All fashion houses and the greatest fashion designers unanimously agree that in 2020 you can wear simple earrings and multi-layered necklaces without diamonds.


Pendants with big letters are definitely not ‘IN’ anymore in 2020. You can now replace them with massive pictures of wild animals and insects.


The trend of wearing coins is now replaced with wearing big and bold hearts.



Stars are being replaced with spheres made out of various materials, including metal and wood. The designers got this inspiration from planets.

A big pendant on a chain

All the greatest fashion designers say that the new season is not the time for thin chains with massive pieces of jewelry on them, but instead, it’s time for just massive chains.

Multi-layered bracelets

Wearing a small purse instead of a bracelet of several layers is now a thing. They say that these holders would be perfect for storing IDs, cards, or even glasses since we never have enough room in our pockets.

One ring

In 2020, small rings with discreet gems are out of style and IN are coming the massive rings with various geometric shapes and forms and you can wear them on as many  fingers as you please.


Thin headbands with rhinestones was a trend back in 2012, but for some reason, they still remain available for you to buy them in almost any accessory store. However, try replacing those with leather or velvet headbands that are totally ‘in’ in 2020.